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Stay a day, a week, a month or stay
for an unlimited while your home is being built! Discounted rates available for long term guests.

Nha Trang city:
guest house 152a
HCMC city:
guest house 152a

Welcome to the quaint Nha Trang Guest House 152 A !!!!

Why should you stay here?
Cheap, Clean and Close to everything! So clean you can eat off the floor.
Amenities:  Room features and amenities: WiFi, private bathroom/hot water/shower, AC, cable television, refrigerator & clean linen. 24 hour live security. use our safe to store your important documents and valuables.
Just 3 minutes to the beach via taxi (fare about $1.00 usd one way) and the to Nha Trang train station. A 15 minute drive to the bus station and airport. Close to the famous Dam market and the new Nha Trang Mall. Near the Khanh Hoa Hospital with multi lingual physicians on staff. Don't forget to grab a cable car or speed boat to Vin Pearl Island. Minutes to vin pearl island.
The Guesthouse is located in downtown not far from the South China Sea.
7 double rooms (two beds) and one room has (3 double beds).

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